"Take Me to the River ---to know and learn from the river."
To celebrate the 4th anniversary of Toride Art Project, TAP2002 plans two pr ograms. One program is to conduct a national open competition for the outdo or art exhibition "Toride Re-cycling Art Project 2002" with the theme "Take Me to the River---to know and learn from the river." The other is "Boat Proj ect," in which local citizens and students participate.
■Title: Toride Art Project 2002
■Theme: "Take Me to the River ---to know and learn from the river."
■Period: Saturday, October 19, through Monday, November 4, 2002
■Venue: Around the basin of the River Tone in the city of Toride

■Organizer: Toride Art Project Executive Committee (Department of Inter Media Art, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music; Toride City, Toride City Board of Education, Toride City Culture Foundation, Toride City Society of Commerce & Industry, JA Minami (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives), Toride Art Pyramid, and Art Toride)

■Sponsors: Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd. SHISEIDO Co., Ltd. Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc. Cats, Inc. (Chemical Action Technical Service)

■Association for Corporate Support of the Arts approves TAP2002 as an Arts Project Assistance Approval Program.
For more information, contact TAP2002 Information Center;
Shinmachi No.3 Building 1F, 1-4-5, Shinmachi, Toride, Ibaraki Prefecture, 30
FAX:0297-72-0177 E-mail:tap-info@ima.fa.geidai.ac.jp