□About boat project


■Work-start in a TAP2002 Yoshida shipyard.
Sappa meeting was held on July 6. Research for ship owners around Toride has already started, and building of Takase-bune and production of a floating bridge are underway. The former Yoshida incinerator is newly named Yoshida Shipyard of TAP2002 Boat Project, and there will be production going on everyday from the end of July through October 17. As volunteers are invited, please contact the TAP office if you are interested in voluntary work.
In the past, many boats commuted along Tone River, and boats and steam ships transported people and goods. There used to be many anchorage and shipping a gents around Toride. A long history is also marked by countless number of fl oods. Local farmers still have Tabune, special boats they used on rice paddi es, and Sappa-bune for escaping from floods. Boats still commute between Tor ide and Oobori area on the opposite side of Tone River. Furutone-numa marsh is the area where the river used to wind. Remembering such local history in the boat project, participants collect Sappa-bune left around Toride and for m a floating bridge across Furutone-numa, connecting two cities, Toride and Abiko.> ▽ Yoshida shipyard scenery